Maxxam Warranty Programme

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The Maxxam Warranty Programme is designed to provide complete peace of mind when investing in a Maxxam copper or fibre optic cabling solution. We understand that this is a significant, long-term investment in a business critical infrastructure and offer two levels of warranty depending on who carries out the installation.

All Maxxam products are covered by a 12 Month Product Performance Warranty, regardless of whether or not they are installed by a Maxxam Installer Partner. Any correctly installed product confirmed by Maxxam to be faulty during the period of cover as a result of normal everyday use will be replaced free of charge.

A Maxxam cabling system installed by an approved Maxxam Registered Installer Partner can be covered by the Maxxam 25 Year Cabling Performance Warranty. This Warranty covers the performance of all the Maxxam components in the installed Permanent Link and the support of all applications designed to run over a cabling system with that performance. Any Maxxam product confirmed by Maxxam to be faulty as a result of normal everyday use during the period of cover will be replaced by Maxxam free-of-charge and any reasonable agreed costs associated with the installation and re-testing of the product will be reimbursed by Maxxam.


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To find out more about the Maxxam Warranty Programme call us on 01276 405780, email download the partner application form in the link below.



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   To find out how to become a Partner download the application form here