Handover Documentation

An Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual should be passed to the client on completion of the installation. The O&M Manual should contain:
                - ‘As Built’ drawings
                - details of solution installed
                - summary test results
                - details of test equipment used
                - installer details
                - warranty certificate

As Built Drawings

As Built Drawings should show:
                - key cable routes
                - location of work area outlets
                - location of Comms Room
                - location of cabinets & frames
                - location of grounding and earthing points
                - details of labelling scheme used

Solution Installed

The details of the cabling solution(s) installed should include:

                - name and contact details for the cabling system manufacturer
                - bill of materials
                - product datasheets

Test Results

These should be provided as a printed summary that includes the port/link identification, the test results (PASS or *PASS), the test standard used, the length of the tested link, the margin of performance and the date and time that the test was carried out. It is not necessary to provide a print out of all of the individual test reports with graphs as these will generally be meaningless to the end user, they will probably never be looked at and it will be a waste of paper and printer ink. The full test reports should be provided in electronic format, either as a PDF document or in the tester manufacturer’s format.

Additionally, the installer should provide details of the test equipment used, copies of the tester calibration certificate and details of the test methodology that was used.

Installer Details

The O&M Manual to contain full contact details for the installer that carried out the cabling installation, together with a copy of their manufacturer accreditation certificate for the cabling solution installed.


A copy of the warranty certificate from the cabling system manufacturer should be provided, together with the warranty terms and conditions. The installer should highlight any areas that the client should be aware of when maintaining the cabling system.


The installer should provide details of any routine maintenance that should be carried out, including cleaning methods and materials.