FAQs on Maxxam products and structured cabling systems

If you have a question regarding anything to do with Maxxam Cabling Solutions or the structured cabling industry then please contact us and we will be happy to help. We will respond directly and, where appropriate, post the answer here to help others.

Please call us on 01276 405780 or email sales@maxxam.co.uk


Which copper testers can I use?

Makes and models of testers that have been approved by Maxxam for the testing of Maxxam copper cabling solutions for warranty purposes.

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Which labelling solutions can I use?

Companies with engraved or printed labelling solutions for the Maxxam range of patch panels and work area outlets plus access to an Excel workbook with templates to produce your own labels.

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What is the minimum back box depth required for Maxxam faceplates?

Details on the minimum depths of back boxes and floor boxes required to mount the various Maxxam jacks and modules.

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How do I calculate tray & trunking capacity?

How to calculate the number of cables that can be installed in any given size of containment, including, tray, basket, trunking and conduit.

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What are the implications of the new Construction Products Regulation?

The new Construction Products Regulations will come in to force in July 2017, affecting the way in which the fire performance of cables is defined.

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Should I bundle or loose lay copper data cables?

Should the loose laying of copper data cables in horizontal cable runs be seen a sign of shoddy workmanship or are there good tachnical reasons why cables should be installed in this way?

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What is PoE?

This article provides a brief overview of the various components, standards and issues regarding the deployment of Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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Can I mix and match OM2 and OM3 components?

Is it possible to use OM2 patch cords on OM3 fibre cable and vice versa? This article aims to clarify the situation.

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